Top 10 Elephant Riding Park in Phuket Thailand

Phuket always is a famous city for travelling, and when you take your tour there, just don’t forget to have close contact with the elephant in Elephant Park too, and riding on the elephant is such an enjoyable thing in the elephant parks there. Now, just check out the top 10 elephant riding park in Phuket Thailand, it will be very helpful for you to get good preparation on making tour plan to Phuket.

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1. Elephant Retirement Park Phuket

Elephant Retirement Park Phuket.jpg

Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is ranked fifty-ninth in 476 heel tours in Phuket Island. Elephants can go to the jungle at will and do what they want to do. No one will stop them.

2. Elephant Kalim Garden

This elephant garden is located in Kalim, the west of Phuket. Elephant Kalim Garden, you can enjoy elephant trekking and have a jungle walk near Patong Beach. There are following 3 elephant trekking projects: 30, 45 and 60 minutes of riding.

3. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.jpg

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket Offices is seated in 168/18 Phangmueangsai Kor Rd., Patong of Thailand. Here, you can get close with elephant, included feeding them, take a bath with them and riding them for a short time.

4. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.jpg

Here, visitors can feed, walk, and observe elephants. The staffs always take good care of the sick and injured elephants. There are in total 2 projects can choose from: the morning tour and the afternoon tour. Elephant all look happy here.

5. Phang Nga Elephant Park

Phang Nga Elephant Park.jpg

Phang Nga Elephant Park is a famous elephant park in Phuket. There are two interesting programs, they are respectively the half day elephant care program and the family elephant experience. You will have a nice time with elephants.

6. Sampran Elephant Zoo

Sampran Elephant Zoo.jpg

Its address is that Petkasem Road K.m. 30, Samphran District,Nakhon Pathom 73110, Thailand. Here, you can not only watch a wonderful performance, but you can also take some pictures with the animals at short range. The elephants are playing leading role in the wonderful performance.

7. Baanchang Elephant Park

Baanchang Elephant Park.jpg

It is a public welfare elephant camp. You can bathe an elephant, ride an elephant without heavy seat on the elephants’ backs, walk with them, feed them and know some of the elephant’s knowledge. It’s a very memorable experience for you and your family or friends.

8. Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary

Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary.jpg

Unlike other elephants’ camp, this place allows you to interact with the rescued elephants, bathe them, and prepare food and medicine for them. The most important thing is that the elephants are not forced to perform.

9. Maetaeng Elephant Park

Maetaeng Elephant Park.jpg

Maetaeng Elephant Park lies in the beautiful Maetaman Valley. The staff in Maetaeng Elephant Park ever said that “we will pour all my efforts into taking care of elephants and rescuing elephants”. Here, you will find that all elephants can get their own happiness.

10. Maerim Elephant Sanctuary

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary.jpg

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary saves the elephants from the untreatable environment and gives them a better home. You can go through the wood path with them, wash bog bath together and feed them with bananas.

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