Friendship Beach

Located in the Rawai Beach area, Friendship Beach is a beach area belonging to the Phuket Amman Friendship Resort. This hotel is a very upscale hotel, and the water quality of the beach in front of the hotel is very good, the sand and sea are very good. The sand of the beach is very white and very fine and it is white sand, which is also very clean. The surrounding environment is also very beautiful. This is a great beach that is very quiet. And the sea is still very blue and the scenery is very awesome.
Friendship Beach as a part of Phuket is on a small road, which is not far from the main road. This place is a very quiet oasis, with a lovely roadside open-air restaurant on the beach where you can dine while enjoying the captivating view. The beach is full of kiteboarding across the bay, and opposite the Friendship Beach it is a health sanatorium.Friendship Beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in Phuket. It is actually a famous beach, but it is easily be ignored by visitors. There are quite a lot of people here, and there are many European and American visitors who take with children to play together on the beach, and there are people swimming on the shore.

Friendship Beach is natural and ecological with no excessive commercial development. The guests who come here are basically hotel guests and they can enjoy the world of two people. It is a good choice to come here for vacation, because it is a very beautiful beach with blue water, clear and calm sea, soft sand, bright sunshine, quiet and peaceful environment. Friendship Beach is a great place to relax and is perfect for couples to travel, where they can fully enjoy the honeymoon happily.

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Top 10 Elephant Riding Park in Phuket Thailand

Phuket always is a famous city for travelling, and when you take your tour there, just don’t forget to have close contact with the elephant in Elephant Park too, and riding on the elephant is such an enjoyable thing in the elephant parks there. Now, just check out the top 10 elephant riding park in Phuket Thailand, it will be very helpful for you to get good preparation on making tour plan to Phuket.

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1. Elephant Retirement Park Phuket

Elephant Retirement Park Phuket.jpg

Elephant Retirement Park Phuket is ranked fifty-ninth in 476 heel tours in Phuket Island. Elephants can go to the jungle at will and do what they want to do. No one will stop them.

2. Elephant Kalim Garden

This elephant garden is located in Kalim, the west of Phuket. Elephant Kalim Garden, you can enjoy elephant trekking and have a jungle walk near Patong Beach. There are following 3 elephant trekking projects: 30, 45 and 60 minutes of riding.

3. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.jpg

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket Offices is seated in 168/18 Phangmueangsai Kor Rd., Patong of Thailand. Here, you can get close with elephant, included feeding them, take a bath with them and riding them for a short time.

4. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary.jpg

Here, visitors can feed, walk, and observe elephants. The staffs always take good care of the sick and injured elephants. There are in total 2 projects can choose from: the morning tour and the afternoon tour. Elephant all look happy here.

5. Phang Nga Elephant Park

Phang Nga Elephant Park.jpg

Phang Nga Elephant Park is a famous elephant park in Phuket. There are two interesting programs, they are respectively the half day elephant care program and the family elephant experience. You will have a nice time with elephants.

6. Sampran Elephant Zoo

Sampran Elephant Zoo.jpg

Its address is that Petkasem Road K.m. 30, Samphran District,Nakhon Pathom 73110, Thailand. Here, you can not only watch a wonderful performance, but you can also take some pictures with the animals at short range. The elephants are playing leading role in the wonderful performance.

7. Baanchang Elephant Park

Baanchang Elephant Park.jpg

It is a public welfare elephant camp. You can bathe an elephant, ride an elephant without heavy seat on the elephants’ backs, walk with them, feed them and know some of the elephant’s knowledge. It’s a very memorable experience for you and your family or friends.

8. Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary

Lanna Kingdom Elephant Sanctuary.jpg

Unlike other elephants’ camp, this place allows you to interact with the rescued elephants, bathe them, and prepare food and medicine for them. The most important thing is that the elephants are not forced to perform.

9. Maetaeng Elephant Park

Maetaeng Elephant Park.jpg

Maetaeng Elephant Park lies in the beautiful Maetaman Valley. The staff in Maetaeng Elephant Park ever said that “we will pour all my efforts into taking care of elephants and rescuing elephants”. Here, you will find that all elephants can get their own happiness.

10. Maerim Elephant Sanctuary

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary.jpg

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary saves the elephants from the untreatable environment and gives them a better home. You can go through the wood path with them, wash bog bath together and feed them with bananas.

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Top 10 best phuket day trip

Phuket houses most of the world’s most ravishing scenery. People cannot but keep on visiting this place for vacation, honey moon and tour to have pleasant and memorable moments to behold. The most popular place for excursions here are multi-island boat tours, where you can skim the clear waters through towering rock formations on a speedboat or traditional longtail boat and explore nearby archipelagos. Here is the list of 10 best places to see when you visit Phuket.

1. Phi Phi Islands


Phi Phi Islands is one of the most popular places you can’t afford to miss when you visit Phuket. You can just book a day trip to this place that is just about 45-60 minutes away by speedboat from the Royal Phuket Marina. This island is famous for the dramatic limestone karst formations, cloaked in lush foliage, which jut from the jade-green sea. But seeing all this beauty comes at a price that commiserate.

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2. Phang Nga Bay


A large area of the bay is protected as the Ao Phang Nga National Park. More than 100 steep, jungle-cloaked rock islands dot the clear, green waters around Phang Nga Bay, creating a breathtaking seascape that is best viewed from the water. This bay is a nice place for tourist to visit while at phuket.

3. Editor’s Pick Khao Sok National Park


This place is about 150 kilometers from PhuketKhao Sok National Park. The place is a visual symphony of lush greens, deep blue lakes, waterfalls, and towering limestone peaks, all set in 738 square kilometers of one of the planet’s oldest rainforests. Favorite fun things to do here are canoeing and kayaking down the Sok River, elephant experiences, exploring bat-filled caves, and jungle trekking. It is always fun if you find any of the activities appealing.

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4. Coral Island


This place is otherwise called Koh Hae by the local people around there. Coral Island lies about six kilometers southeast of Phuket and it is a popular day trip destination for snorkelers and beach lovers. This island is home to two lovely, but typically crowded stretches of soft, white sand: Long Beach, where many of the tour boats land, and Banana Beach. You can as well cruise this island with boat as a tourist when visit.

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5. Racha Islands


There is a translucent turquoise water and white sands lure crowds of day trippers to the two Racha Islands, located about 12 kilometers south of Phuket. Racha Yai (Big Racha) is the most popular, with its beautiful horseshoe-shaped bay, called Ao Tawan Tok, and luxury villa-style Racha Resort. Ao Siam, the island’s other large bay tends to be a little quieter. The main activities here are snorkeling and swimming in the warm, clear waters and basking on the white sands.

6. Khao Lak

It is located on the mainland about 80 kilometers north of Phuket. Laid-back Khao Lak features about 20 kilometers of silky golden-sand beaches stretching along the north Andaman coast. On the road trip from Phuket, you’ll pass through quiet little coastal towns, which seem a world away from the crowds of the big resorts.

7. Mu Ko Similan National Park


This is About 90 kilometers offshore from Phuket, this 70-square kilometer national park encompasses eleven uninhabited islands, which is usually the domain of avid divers and tourists hoping to escape the huge crowds of Phang-Na Bay and the Phi Phi Islands. Despite their distance from Phuket, (more than two hours each way in a speedboat) greater numbers of day trippers are visiting the Similan Islands, and their numbers tend to swell around lunchtime.

8. Koh Yao Yai


This is only 20 kilometers east of Phuket (about 30 minutes by longtail boat) Koh Yao Yai (“big long island”) offers Phuket day trippers a laid-back pace and a more traditional Thai vibe. It is peaceful, secluded white-sand beaches are one of its finest features; Loh Paret in particular is ideal for swimming and Laem Had beach, on Yao Yai’s northeast corner, it is also lovely and enticing to people.

9. Koh Yao Noi


Like its sister island (Koh Yao Yai) but a little more developed, Koh Yao Noi (“small long island”) in Phang Nga Bay, feels like the slower-paced Thailand of 20 years ago. This island is further away from Phuket, about one hour by long tail boat, but the views of Phang Nga Bay on the way worth the extra travel time because of the fun embedded in the place.

10. Khao Sok Discovery Day Trip


Khao Sok National Park is located some 150km north of Phuket, so this day trip’s departure is similar to the Similan Islands tour, pretty early; however, an excursion in the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world is worthy indeed. After the journey by minibus through the splendid mountainous landscapes of Phang Nga Province to the tour’s camp, you will start this soft-adventurous day trip with one hour of elephant trekkingthrough the lush vegetation of the park.

Best Islands To Visit In Thailand

With numerous islands and islets scattered along its coastlines and much more in rivers and ponds across the nation, Thailand certainly isn’t missing in relation to gorgeous islands. Many individuals have formerly learned about, as well as possibly visited, bigger islands, like Phuket and Koh Samui. What about trying somewhere different inside your next a vacation to the Land of Smiles? Listed here are probably the most stunning Thai islands to improve your Thailand bucket list.


With an all-round holiday mixing attractive beaches, convenient transport options and a lot of activities, Phuket is unequalled. The greatest island in Thailand, combined with the most broadly used, Phuket is fantastic for luxury stays, family getaways and there’s plenty of undiscovered spots, too. Having its own worldwide airport terminal terminal, even short journeys all around the area are helpful. Once night descends, there’s clubs, shows and fancy restaurants to rival many capital urban centers – certainly her best facilities connected having a Thai island relating to this list.

Koh phi phi

Like something from the mythic, the Phi Phi Islands will be the very essence of exotic beauty: limestone karsts with thick jungle and stunning coves of golden sand. It ought to be mentioned that Phi Phi Don, really the only resided on island, has observed rampant development lately, which does slightly marly the escapist part of the island. However, furthermore, it indicates that there’s more tourist facilities for instance restaurants, beach bars and shops. Nightlife on Koh Phi Phi is especially noticeable through the full moon parties, which are particularly well-loved through the backpacker crowd. Diving around Koh Phi Phi is very popular too, as they are a holiday in Koh Phi Phi Leh, the famous setting for your Beach, which propelled the region to fame around 2000.

Koh lipe

Pronounced “Koh Lee-pay,” small Koh Lipe is the greatest concept of remote island for most of us. No cars and extremely handful of motorcycles disturb the tranquility. Apparent, calm, and mostly shallow water increase the risk for swimming well suited for families.

Koh Lipe is about the Andaman or west side of Thailand, a little island visible from Koh Lanta. The island’s recognition has skyrocketed lately as well as the infrastructure there’s improving.

You won’t look for a party on Koh Lipe, nevertheless the beauty and romance in the place have destroyed several traveler’s itinerary.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is fantastic for first-time vacationers, families and people trying to find any yoga retreat. Generally, it’s really a manicured island, full of clean stretches of white-colored-colored-sand beaches, spas and luxury resorts, although backpackers get for their throngs here, too. If you want to obtain secluded on Koh Samui, mind south or west in the island.

Koh Lanta

Use a moped to educate yourself regarding Koh Lanta – a relatively untouched island in the coast of Krabi, getting a sensational 27-mile shoreline. The Mu Ko Lanta Park is fantastic for adventurers, where snorkelling and wildlife options are rife. Alternatively, if you’d like your individual little bit of not lived on paradise, a spead boat trip to nearby Koh Rok Nok and Rok Nai isn’t unthinkable.

It’s worth spending more than a couple of days on Koh Lanta to make the most of the extended travel time here, like the two-three hour ferry from Krabi as well as the who’s requires to overland for the specific destination round the island upon arrival (which can be from one hour or maybe more).